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  • Teams in need of accommodation must inform us on or before 15th December 2016.
  • All the participating teams must deposit 350/- per head per day against lodging & boarding charges.
  • Accommodation will be provided on school campus. Separate accommodation in a different block will be provided for girls.
  • Food coupons must be collected on the first day of the arrival from the registration counter on payment. Coupons once purchased will not be taken back.
  • The amount  (For Food Coupons) for the whole duration of the stay will have to be deposited with the organizing school administration on arrival of the team by the manager/ teacher of the respective team.


  • Each team must bring 2 School Flags for the March Past and Group Photography.
  • All the participating students must have their own ‘School Identity Card’ giving all the details (Name, Date of Birth, Class, Admission No., Events, Blood group and Photographs duly attested by the head of the institution
  • Attach photocopy of class X passing mark sheet/ class IX/XI registration certificate of the participant with the Performa
  • Each team will have to produce a group photo of the team with team coach/ manager and the Principal of the school, which should be duly attested by the Principal on the reverse of the photograph.
  • The participating school team’s manager must carry an original medical certificate against each player of the team issued by its local Government Doctor verifying that the player is within the particular age group.


  • We request you to kindly forward the entries latest by 15th December 2016. Late entries will not be entertained in any case. Consent can be sent to our E-mail: lht@sunbeamschools.com Telephonic consent will not be accepted.
  • We would like to request you to kindly facilitate in sending consent as per annexure “D” of CBSE sports calendar 2016-17 with contact details (complete address, telephone numbers, e-mail address etc.).
  • The Teams are requested to inform the exact time of arrival to enable us receive the teams at railway station, failure to which will lead to making of their own arrangements. Please fill up the online Travel Form to help us to serve you better.
  • No team will be allowed to participate without Team Manager/ Coach/ Physical Education Teacher designated by the participating school Principal.
  • Participants are requested not to bring valuable items such as jewelry, mobile, camera, iPods, other electronic gadgets, etc. as use of these items on the campus is prohibited.
  • Board and lodging will be available from afternoon of 24th December 2016 till in the evening of 30th December 2016.
  • Badminton events on Day one will start at Sharp 8.00 a.m.
  • The participants must carry their Identity Cards at the time of the competition duly filled and signed by the head of the institution, valid for the current year.
  • Participants of Class X / XII must carry IX / XI Class board registration cards respectively, Class XI students should carry their X Class mark sheet issued by CBSE and for other classes’ copy of the birth certificate issued by Municipal Corporation should be attached to ensure the date of birth. All should be duly attested by the principal of the participating school.
  • A player shall be under 14 (1.1.2003), U-17 (1.1.2001) &U-19 (1.1.1998)years of age as on 1st January 2016.
  • A mandatory meeting with the Team Managers and coaches will be held on 24th  December 2016 at 6:00 pm to cover preliminary remarks/instructions and draw of lots.
  • Teams have to report before noon on 24th  December 2016.
  • Teams without proper eligibility forms will not be allowed to participate in the meet.
  • Consumption of alcohol, tobacco chewing and smoking are strictly prohibited during the meet and the violators would be immediately asked to leave the premises/meet.
  • Team managers will be responsible for the conduct of team on the field and on the school premises. Indiscipline by player(s) will lead to disqualification and the player(s) may be asked to leave the premises immediately.
  • The Organizers reserve the right to debar a participant / Coach / Manager from the competition arena for unruly behavior/ interference in the smooth conduct of the competition.
  • Protest of any nature should reach the Organizing Committee and CBSE Observer in writing within one hour of the declaration of the result. It should be accompanied by a fee of 1000/- (non-refundable). The decision taken by jury will be final and binding for all teams and managers.
  • An amount of  2000/- (Two Thousand Only)per team should be deposited by the team towards Precaution Amount which will be refunded at the time of departure after making deductions (if any), for the damages done to the school property/ arena by the team.
  • It is the responsibility of the team manager to bring the sick/injured player to the First–aid committee/ Infirmary.
  • It is compulsory for all the players to attend both inaugural and closing ceremonies with school flag in their school uniform.
  • Event-wise list of participating Teams (Detailed entry) should be sent at least 10 DAYS(15th December 2016) before the actual commencement of the meet. Postal delays will not be considered as an excuse for accepting late entries.
  • On the spot entry/ changes will not be permitted.
  • Any non-designated person accompanying the team will not be entertained for any matter at the venue and will not be permitted to stay on the premises
  • The match fixtures will be declared on the evening of 24th  December 2016 from 6:00 pm in the Team Manager’s Meeting.

If you want to participate in cultural fest, please contact Ms. Perveen Quaiser over 09721452303 and send a request mail on lht@sunbeamschools.com

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